Technical Service Form • Baby Care


1- When sending the product, you can contact the following contact addresses and send the product within the approval :
  • 0 (212) 549 69 34/35 Internal : 108
  • Whatsapp Support Line : 0 530 407 94 98
  • 2- You can fill out the Technical Service Form and send the product to us. ( You can download and send the technical service form from our Authorized Sales Points or
    3- The fields specified in the Technical Service Form must be filled in completely.
    4- When purchasing the product, the warranty certificate must be delivered to the customer.
    5- The Authorized Dealer must fill out the mandatory parts on the Warranty Certificate and deliver it to the customer. Otherwise, product repair without warranty certificate will not be made!
    6- When sending the product, you can send our product via contracted cargo / transportation according to the approval received in item-1 (you can obtain the contracted shipping information from the contact addresses specified in item-1).
    7- Our company is not liable for problems that may occur during the product shipment.
    8- The dimensions of the products are written on the packaging. These measurements must be observed when sending. (63x33x73 cm Desis of a product is calculated as 51. If this product comes in a package of 60 desi and will not be delivered.)
    9- The Technical Service Form and warranty certificate of the product should be packaged and sent so that it does not fall over the product and is not lost during shipping.
    10- Products or products that do not have warranty certificate in the package will not be processed by our technical service unit.
    11- The repair period of the Sent product is up to 20 working days.
    12- This period starts when the product reaches Derya Baby Technical Service Department and ends with the completion of the repair.
    13- The repair fee is charged for the finished products and the shipper pays the shipping fee. Otherwise no action will be taken.